Kelmscot Manor



I have always been interested in the Pre Raphaelites and the arts and crafts movement, so much so that I just had to visit Kelmscot Manor in Oxfordshire. This was the summer retreat of William Morris and Dante Rossetti.

Unfortunately, on the day I visited it was raining, I was disappointed as I wanted to shoot outdoor scenes. Not to be beaten I went inside and it turned out to be an amazing experience the place is wonderful and the staff incredible, I had a great day, which started with a nice bite to eat in the lovely café and a quick browse of the well-stocked gift shop.

Inside the colours and items on display were beautiful; Morris’s coat was still hung on the peg on the door. Everywhere you looked, there were paintings, sketches, fabrics, textiles and all manner of artwork in the typical morris style.

I did manage to get some exterior shots but it was a bit dull an ideal example of the usefulness of phone cameras as my Dslr stayed in the bag the whole visit, and I was able to take photographs with my waterproof coat hood protecting the phone.

Samsung Note 4 used.


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