Welcome to my blog as its name suggests is all about photography using mobile phones. just to add some background information about me, I have worked for most of my life as a professional photographer, I started my career in art college, then left to take up full time work as a photographer where I trained on all camera formats,  I also studied photographic chemistry, optics and sensitometry.

Due to the nature of my job, I regularly used all formats including 5×4 with medium format being the main cameras used with only occasional 35 mm photography when colour slides were required. I had a short break from photography to pursue other interests but I could not stay away for too long and photography is now my hobby only. I still have my film cameras and these include a 5×4 monorail a complete Hasselblad kit and RB 6×7 kit and having migrated across to digital, two complete canon eos 5d digital full frame cameras and lenses.

I would say that photography as well as once being a career is my whole life and I can quite happily spend all day everyday just capturing images, something I am sure I have in common with all photographers. I would also like to add that carrying tripods and a full kit using filters etc., is what photography is all about and is a great thing to do.

I regularly travel around this great country of ours and once when I was capturing some shots on the Eos5d I took a couple on my then mobile a nexus. I was quite surprised at the result after processing them in light room, obviously not as good as full frame raw digital shots that I usually shoot. However those massive file sizes have to be reduced to use on the web with all the usual time constraints, I realised that the mobile shots in most cases were good enough for the web and did not have to be worked on as much

I increasingly took more on my mobile and duplicated the camera shots and hey presto before I knew it my blog was born.

The first benefit I noticed is the freedom having spent years carrying kit around in a Billingham bag and assorted cases and tripods etc. I now had just a mobile and backup compact camera in a very small manbag. This was very liberating and made for a quick and mobile (no pun intended) form of photography, was very discreet and light. This I think also aids creativity and spontaneity and is akin to the old style photographers who just pointed and pressed small 35 mm cameras or Leica’s.

The ease with which you can take good pictures is astounding also being able to upload some shots straight to the web or social networks is fantastic. I would just like to repeat that mobile phones at the moment cannot hope to compete with quality full frame equipment like Canon and Nikon cameras and cannot use filters like the LEE Nd range, and some situations  like low light can be a problem but sometimes the results are surprising and above all it is FUN !! and open to everyone.

I currently use a Samsung Note and have just acquired a nokia 1020 which I have yet to test.